Wednesday, 3 March 2010

Assessing Your Home Going Green

When assesssing the green credentials of your house or investigating where green improvements could be introduced, there are a number of areas to explore. Many green solutions are relatively straightforward, while some will involve major upheaval and may be more suited to a new build project than a retrospective fit.
Examples of ways to make your home a greener place:
  1. Wind Power Wind turbines can produce electricity to supplement the mains supply
  2. Green living roof Generates oxygen, provides good insulation, and offers a habitat for wildlife
  3. Heat pumps Various different designs offer a green alternative for space and water heating
  4. Biomass boilers A carbon neutral option that offers a viable alternative to conventional boilers
  5. Insulation This is key for energy efficiency. Try using natural or recycled materials.
  6. Passive solar power Sunlight can be used with good house design to provide heat and light
  7. Active solar power Solar energy collectors can generate hot water and electricity
If your home featured many of these ideas, your energy usage would be significantly reduced
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