Tuesday, 16 February 2010

Loft Insulation

Another way to make huge energy savings is to insulate your loft. Even in very large houses, a loft can be insulated quickly and at a relatively low cost. In fact the reduction in heating costs that result from nome insulation far outweigh the initial expence of installation
We can help you decide whether you wish to create a "warm roof" or "cold roof" area. For a warm roof, the insulation is taken right up to just below the roof tiles so that the loft space is kept warm. This process is mainly carried out when the loft area is being converted into a usable room. In "cold roofs"  the loft insulation is kept at joist level to stop heat escaping through the unused roof space.

The type of blanket insulation we use: Mineral wool insulation (i.e Rockwall), this is created from naturally occuring volcanic rock.
Recycled insulation: this is a green and non-toxic alternative to conventional blanket insulation

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Home Enhancements - Loft Insulation

Loft insulation is the insulating process that comes useful enormously in saving energy. As we have gotten aware of the significance of energy saving day-to-day and making makes an attempt to make our home extra energy environment friendly than ever, this typical Loft Insulation measure is worth considering. Greater than 50% of your power bills are accrued for restoring comfort degree and warmth regardless of adjustments of climate outside.

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