Monday, 22 February 2010


Fitted kitchens are designed to make the best use of all available space. Attached units combine ample storage with a contemporary finish

The Heart of Your Home
The kitchen is probably the most important room of all. Modern families now spend much of their time in this area: cooking, eating, working and playing. Whether you want your existing space updated or you want us to undertake more major work- knocking down walls to create an open plan space, for example- transforming your kitchen will pay off

Planning Your Kitchen
Planning a new kitchen requires considerable time and thought. An existing kitchen layout is a good starting point. We can reconfigure the layout relatively inexpensively and that can give the kitchen a new look
In terms of style, handless units are becoming popular as well as fully intergrated appliances- both help the kitchen free part of a living space rather than a functional room

Intergrated Appliances
A new hob that lies flat to the worktop; a double oven at eye height, hidden dishwasher and intergrated fridges all help a kitchen feel sleek and less functional, which makes it more visually pleasing, especially in an open-plane kitchen




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