Wednesday, 16 December 2009

Supporting of Chimney and Removal of Chimney Breasts

These days central heating has replaced the need for fireplaces and the chimney breast, this is seen as wasted floor space in the room. Although a fireplace does provide a focal point in the room, the removal of the fireplace and the chimney can increase the size of the room
The service of a Structual Engineer is advised to determine and design suitable supports, safeguarding your property, and any neighbouring buildings from damage. Those designs should be submitted to your local council building control office for checking prior to any work commencing. We then worked to the Engineers designs, and the local building officer was invited to inspect the work before starting the project. The Building Control Office, upon satisfactory completion of the work, then issued a completion certificate which solicitors will need to have before any re-mortgage or sale is completed.

The chimney stack needs to be supported prior to removal of chimney breasts. In this instance we have used a flitch beam (Flitch beams are commnly used in loft conversions and or larger spans where solid timber is not long enough. They comprise a steel plate bolted between two solid tmber members)



The chimney is part of the structure of the house and its removal should be carefully considered before any work is carried out. Removal of these chimneys without providing suitable beams to support the structure could result in structual distress or damage or even collapse of the building

Now that the chimney was supported it was safe to properly dismantle the breast below (see before and after)

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